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The New York Times, Laura Collins-Hughes:  “Mr. Rowe plays Christopher with an agile grace, an impish humor and a humanizing restraint. On Broadway, where the play was a Tony Award-winning hit, it ran eight times a week, with two actors alternating the demanding role of Christopher, a 15-year-old with autism who sets out to solve a mystery. In Syracuse, Mr. Rowe — thought to be the first openly autistic actor to play the role — does all nine shows a week.”

“… A mesmerizing and nearly flawless performance. … Rowe’s portrayal of Christopher almost immediately has the audience eating out of his hand, simultaneously rooting for him, put off by him, admiring him and pitying him as he struggles to conquer a world he cannot truly comprehend.
-A Seat On The Aisle

Rowe masterfully brought a treasure trove of emotions – joy, sorrow, pressure, humor, wit, and curiosity – and even athleticism (he’s a skilled unicyclist) to an audience that sat intently silent as not to miss a single word from the actor. Rowe displayed the behavioral traits of hyper-sensitive autistic children, including the screaming and head-slapping meltdowns when someone touched him. But he also had that characteristic and wonderful inability to tell a lie.”
-You Are Current

“What may surprise some in the audience is the sheer physical demands of the role, with Rowe swinging, crawling, tumbling, and riding a unicycle. Surrounded by a great veteran cast Rowe truly shines in an incredibly difficult role.”
-Weekly View

“Rowe’s vocal tone and physical grace in representing Christopher’s vexed self-assurance and awkwardness seemed magical.”

-Up Stage

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Teen Vogue

To read Mickey Rowe’s writing for Teen Vogue click here.teenvogue-logo

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NPR’s Here and Now

NPR’s Here and Now interviews Mickey Rowe and Risa Brainin:


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National Endowment for the Arts: Art Works Podcast. Mickey Rowe Working with Autism.


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Evening Magazine: Shining a Spotlight on the Spectrum

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Our Differences are our Strenghts: Howlround Article

HowlRound_Logo_300x300Our Differences are our Strengths: Neurodiversity in Theatre by Mickey Rowe

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